7 Summertime Activities to Enjoy Outdoors

7 fun & easy summertime activities to get you outside during the warm weather months.

One of my goals for this year is to be more active.

I find that I set highly specific goals at the start of each year and then I don’t follow through. Does anyone else do the same?

7 summertime activities to get you outside and moving! | bygabriella.co

So, this year I made a different kind of goal: To be more active. To get moving. To get outside.

So now that it’s summertime (can you even believe it?!), I’d like to share a few of my favorite ways to get time outside.

7 Summertime activities to get you outside!

It’s easier than you think. No, you don’t need to allocate hours on end to being active and getting outside. It’s all about the small things. Making little tweaks to your existing routine go a long way. If you’re hoping to get outside more and get moving, here are 7 of my favorite summertime activities to enjoy outdoors.


Do you commute for work or school? Are you able to find a different way to commute? It’s no secret that I love biking – and commuting by bike, too! Sure it is a bit of an investment at the upfront, but it’s worth it if you enjoy biking. I get extra time outside, exercise, and I get to spend that time doing something I enjoy. To give you an idea of what my commute via bike looked like in Boston, I was biking just under 5 miles each way in Boston’s rush hour traffic. SO, if I can do it, you can too! And if biking isn’t an option, can you walk? It may not be entirely glamorous, but grab some quality sneakers and walk to work, if you can.

Day trips

Traveling can be expensive. I love traveling (can you tell?), but I get it. It costs some major money to be able to take time off and jet around the world. So, day trips are a close second. Living in the Northeast was beyond perfect for day trips. I loved visiting those dreamy little coastal towns, like Kennebunkport and Camden in Maine. Do a little bit of research and you’re sure to find a new destination to explore. Once you get there, park your car and explore by foot!

Move your office outdoors

If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work outside occasionally, do it. Even during the lunch hour. Take your work outdoors and soak in that sun as much as possible!

Everyday errands

This is a no-brainer. If you’re driving all over town running errands, plan them out in advance and batch them by area. If you can, park in one central location and walk to all the other spots! Or better yet, how about biking there? 😉

Explore a new neighborhood

Another super easy one. Pick a neighborhood in your town or city and explore by foot! Who knows, you might find your new favorite café or shop. Oh! And if you do find some new favorites, make sure to tag them on Instagram with #thelocalgem so I can add them to my list!

Bike ride

No need to commute to work? Well, you’re in luck, because you don’t actually need an excuse to hop on a bike and go for a ride. We love grocery shopping via bike (when it makes sense), and heading out for weekend rides. Pretty soon we’ll be living in Atlanta and we cannot wait to start biking the Beltline whenever we want. If you’re in Boston, bike along the Charles! The cool breeze is more than welcome in summertime.

Sip your coffee al fresco

I have at least one ‘coffee meeting’ a week. That typically means meeting with a friend, a colleague, or someone new (!) over coffee indoors. Instead, I’m going to switch it up the summer and take my coffee meetings outside. Sure, we could sit around at a packed picnic table sipping on our brew, though I’d rather spend the hour or so walking around with my iced latte enjoying the sun and good company. If you can, suggest wearing walking shoes for your next coffee meeting. Get some sunshine in whenever you can.

Ready to get outside? I sure am. How are you going to soak in the sun and stay active this summer?


Author: gabriella

Gabriella is a blogger, Director of Social Media in Boston, and City Manager for the BOS Lady Project. You'll typically find her with an iced chai in one hand and a book in the other.

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  • Lady, you are speaking my language.

    Day trips are my jam and I love writing outside. I am writing daily and it’s nice to be outdoors when doing it!

    Have a great summer and an easy move this weekend!