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It’s no secret that I adore fall oh so much. I mean, just take a peek at my last blog post from New Hampshire! It’s all foliage, mountain views, and cozy little towns. I’ve been finding so many articles on all fall everything, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Enjoy!

All fall everything: Cozy textures, fall scents, and more! | bygabriella.coimage via Homepolish

All Fall Everything (links!)

20 Fall Decorations in Beautiful Little Vignettes via Elle Decor

How fun are these little fall-inspired vignettes? That earthy entryway with the fall wreath (no orange and red to be found here!) is absolutely stunning. And a laid-back, neutral tablescape? I’m so into it. The traditional ‘fall’ colors aren’t really my thing, so I instead look for neutrals, deep greens, and textures. Cozy and fall go together like two peas in a pod, am I right?

Cozy Up To Fall in 6 Easy Steps via Homepolish

See? Cozy + fall are perfect together. Homepolish suggests embracing all the smells of fall and I am so into that. I usually pick up new fall candles each year, and I whip up autumnal meals like stuffed acorn squash (which we are LOVING this year!) or butternut squash…well…anything. With scent being such a strong sense, I always look forward to that crisp, cozy fall smell.

2o Ways to Use Acorn Squash (Other Than a Centerpiece!) via Domino

I don’t think I’ve ever cooked acorn squash until this year, and T and I have been making it at least once every other week. We’ve been cooking stuffed squash with sage sausage, white onion, and crisp apples. And oh my, it is fantastic. It’s so easy and fall-inspired, which are my go-tos this time of year. Domino’s got a great list here of how to use acorn squash in the kitchen, and I think my next venture is the roasted acorn squash with ricotta/burrata. Everything is better with cheese, right? That’s at least how I like to live my life.

Why You Should Start Planning Friendsgiving in October via Domino

Truth be told, I’ve never hosted a Friendsgiving. I’ve been to them and they are the best, and I’ve also ‘hosted’ Thanksgiving for T and I while he was living in Atlanta. In fact, we did it two years straight! It was a different kind of Thanksgiving because we were both away from our families, but they were perfect in their own way. Now, if you’re working on your own Friendsgiving extravaganza – Domino’s got a few tips on the questions you should be addressing before November (like…who’s coming?!).

How about you – any fall favorites so far?


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  • I kind of wish we had a holiday before Christmas in the UK so we could do something like friendsgiving, where you celebrate with the people you love who you aren’t necessarily related too – I guess I’ll just have to throw a just because I can dinner party instead! I’ve been loving all of the soup recipes and wearing sweaters now it’s autumn, but they’re always my faves

    – Natalie

    • I think a ‘just because’ dinner is a brilliant idea! You should definitely go for it – and then share photos! 😉