How to Avoid Paying Unnecessary Travel Fees

How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees with TravelPirates.

After spending a month abroad (and a good amount of money), I feel like I’ve got a better grip on how to really save wherever possible and avoid those pesky travel fees at all costs. With this being my first trip to Europe(!) – I wanted to call in the experts on this one.

How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling abroad |

My friends over at TravelPirates are exactly what their name sounds like – savvy deal hunters who can help you find the best deals on vacation packages, flights, and hotels.

AKA, the kind of people you want to know, for sure. And, they’re kind enough to share a few of their best tips on how to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling. Can you say crazy helpful or what? Read on to hear what Jessica suggests for saving money while traveling.

How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling abroad |
How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling abroad |

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Travel Fees

My name is Jessica and I’m a senior editor and deal hunter at TravelPirates, where I hunt for the best travel deals available online and educate readers about how to see the world on a budget. I’ve had the opportunity to visit nearly 20 countries and I’ve made amazing memories in most of those places, but my favorite destinations have been Greece, Costa Rica and Vietnam – the food was fantastic, the weather was great, the locals were friendly and the prices were affordable. I’ve always traveled on a budget and and my background is actually in finance, so I love to find ways to get the best bang for my buck and then share tips and tricks with readers like you.

How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling abroad |
How to avoid paying unnecessary travel fees when traveling abroad |

Find free entertainment and activities. Why pay for a tour or concert when you can enjoy one for free? Global Greeter Network is one service among many that connects travelers with locals around the world who offer free tours of their city of residence. Additionally, many museums around the world designate one day per week where admission is not charged. The only thing you’ll lose by skipping out on these free events is the chance of finding something you enjoyed.

Take advantage of credit card perks. Most of us know that travel credit cards allow card holders to purchase flights, hotels, and rent cars while racking up points. Many travel credit cards also offer perks, such as free checked bags, access to airport lounges, and car rental insurance. Check out the benefits your card offers before getting roped into paying for a service that’s already available to you for free!

Prepare for your flight in advance. Hit the grocery store and grab your favorite snacks or allergy meds before heading on vacation. Shops at airports charge more money for items that can be found at your nearest convenience store. Don’t forget to load up your electronics with in-flight entertainment, and pack your headphones.

Thank you, Jess, for sharing your handy travel tips! Now…who else is totally ready for a new adventure?


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