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Free download! Get organized and plan ahead with this digital blog editorial calendar.

Free blog editorial calendar download via Google Sheets. Get ahead this year by planning your blog posts out in advance! |

Jumping in head first this year? Me too, me too. I’m amping up my blog content (yay!), working on my social media strategy, and lining up some super fun collaborations (double yay!). To keep everything organized and chugging along, I swear by my blog editorial calendar.

I have been so much more organized after creating and sticking to my calendar; it’s helped me keep all my posts straight, which can sometimes make your head spin! I’m planning ahead more than ever, prepping posts in advance (this doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I’m ecstatic), and feeling much better about my time management.

How to download your free blog editorial calendar

I created this particular blog editorial calendar in Google Drive. If you haven’t set up your own Drive yet, do it. It’s a truly magical place. I’ve got folders for resources, my brand agreements, collaboration notes, and more all in one central spot that I can access from anywhere. What a dream!

Now that you’re all set up on Drive (you are, right?), here’s how to download your free calendar.

  1. Access the blog editorial calendar spreadsheet here.
  2. To download, navigate to ‘File’ and select ‘Download As’ and choose your desired file type.
  3. To save to your own Drive, navigate to ‘File’ and select ‘Make a Copy’.

Easy as pie, and so so worth it. I like to find a quiet Saturday or Sunday morning every few weeks to sip on an iced chai and plan out my posts. Those are the times that I’m most productive (and usually most creative, too), so I like to take advantage of that by planning out the weeks ahead. I always feel a sense of relief when I take a peek at my calendar and I can see all of my ideas jotted down in one place.

Want to create your own blog editorial calendar? Look no further. Here are 5 tips for creating your very own calendar.

Happy blogging, all! How do you like to stay organized? Is it via a calendar or something else?


Author: gabriella

Gabriella is a blogger, Director of Social Media in Boston, and City Manager for the BOS Lady Project. You'll typically find her with an iced chai in one hand and a book in the other.

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  • Thanks for the download! I use Asana to plan out my posts, website maintenance project and monthly/yearly goals. I think you might like it if you haven’t checked it out yet.

  • I personally use Evernote to keep my ideas in folders, a paper planner to write down the important dates and a PDF checklist to make sure I thought about everything before posting: the featured image, the social media link, etc. x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    • Love the idea of using a PDF checklist. I try to remember it all in my head, but that doesn’t always work out. And I haven’t ever really used Evernote – I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the tips, Jessica! xo