Bridal Party Brunch

A floral bridal party brunch with champagne cocktails, custom gifts, and a fun surprise!

A bridal party brunch full of feminine flowers, champagne, and tasty bites |

Something magical happens when you combine flowers, brunch, and your best gal pals. Something even more magical happens when the guests are in store for a fun surprise!

And that’s exactly what happened when I invited 5 of my closest gal pals over for brunch one spring morning. The gals thought they were coming over for a simple springtime brunch. Little did they know I had something else planned. After some chitchat and a few sips of a champagne cocktail, I kindly asked them to open the handwritten card addressed to them which simply said ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ After a few excited screeches, they all said yes! It was, quite possibly, my favorite brunch ever.

A bridal party brunch full of feminine flowers, champagne, and tasty bites |
A bridal party brunch full of feminine flowers, champagne, and tasty bites |

Bridal Party Brunch

If you’re planning on hosting a bridal party brunch anytime soon, here are a few things that you can prep/think about in advance to ease your stress and make day-of preparations a breeze:

  • The place settings. How will you be setting the table? What vibe are you looking for? I went with casual and feminine, and used small plates for the brunch ‘appetizer’ and had some locally-made flavored marshmallows (champagne marshmallow, anyone?) donning the plates when the guests arrived.
  • The element of surprise. As if the surprise itself wasn’t enough, I wanted to make it extra special for my guests. So, I connected with The Everyday Co., and commissioned custom cocktail napkins for each gal in the bridal party. They were even customized with each gal’s initial hand sewn on the napkin!
  • The flowers. Naturally, it’s not a Gabi brunch unless flowers are involved. For this particular one, I went with light, fresh, and feminine. I picked up a small bunch of peonies, some greenery, and a teeny amount of filler flowers. Green and pink have been my mind, so I outfitted the table with a bed of green down the middle, a few of those tiny filler flowers, and individually placed a peony at each place setting. Rather than using large vessels for the peonies, I used simple jars – like mini milk bottles.
  • The champagne! I thought it would be fun to gift each gal with a mini bottle of Moet champagne, so I incorporated it into the tablescape. I tied a simple light pink ribbon on each bottle, and placed it at each place setting on the table. I ordered the champagne a few days in advance from Drizly so I wouldn’t have to worry about it that morning – it was already hectic enough with the food prep!

A bridal party brunch full of feminine flowers, champagne, and tasty bites |
A bridal party brunch full of feminine flowers, champagne, and tasty bites |

Truth be told, this brunch wasn’t my smoothest. I was nervous for some odd reason; I think simply because it felt like I was getting ready to ask a classmate to be my date to the big 8th grade dance for the first time. These are my closest friends – I knew they were obviously going to say yes! Nevertheless, my guy was a huge help in prepping the food while I played hostess. It was unexpected, considering it was a gals brunch. But, he jumped right in and prepped our breakfast sandwiches for us. What a dream, right?

Are you planning to surprise your bridal party with a brunch? What flower theme do you have in mind?


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