Celebrating Self-Love this Valentine’s Day With 10 Ways to Treat Yourself

Celebrating self-love this Valentine’s Day with 10 ways to treat yourself.

Celebrating self-love this Valentine's Day with 10 ways to treat yourself | bygabriella.co

Self-love is so beyond important, and I think it’s taken me entirely too long to realize it. It’s not necessarily that I relied on others, rather I didn’t realize that I was forgetting about myself. I love making others happy, but that meant that I was taking on too many side projects, going to way too many events in support of my network, and simply forgetting about ‘me time’.

Well, I thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to remember to treat yourself! So here are 10 ways to do just that today to keep that self-love going.

10 ways to treat yourself this Valentine's Day because self-love is as important as ever. | bygabriella.co

Self-Love: 10 ways to treat yourself

Read. Are you always putting off starting a new book because you technically should be spending that time working? No more! Pick up that new book and give yourself at least 15 minutes to soak it in. Read before you dive into work in the morning or read as soon as you get home – either way, give yourself that 15 minutes to disconnect and jump into another world.

Enjoy a special breakfast. Do you generally enjoy smoothies in the morning? Or perhaps you’re always eating the same kind of yogurt. Why not treat yourself today? Stop by that breakfast spot on your way to work, treat yourself to a bagel (herb & asiago over here, please!), or even swing by that expensive juice spot and get yourself a $10 açai bowl. Remember: YOU deserve it!

Take 10 minutes. Take a few minutes to reflect on how darn awesome you are. Use this time to think about things you’ve been doing really well lately, strides you’ve taken towards achieving your goals, and  every other reason why you’re the coolest cat around.

Celebrating self-love this Valentine's Day with 10 ways to treat yourself! | bygabriella.co
Celebrating self-love this Valentine's Day with 10 ways to treat yourself! | bygabriella.co

Buy yourself flowers. Sure, it’s always nice to have someone to buy you flowers, but why wait for them? Pick up your own arrangement! I love buying flowers for myself – it’s so refreshing having them on my desk at work or around my apartment. Is there a  little flower shop on your way to work? Stop in and treat yo’self! I currently have these gorgeous roses around my apartment thanks to Flower MC – a new flower company that’s supporting conservations efforts around the world.

Catch up on your favorite blogs. Do you wake up and immediately dive in to work? Why not take it easy this morning instead? Ease into the day by catching up on your favorite blogs. I know I’ll be catching up on Natalie’s, Corina’s, and Jessica’s blogs today!

Leave work early. Do you work in an office like me? Leave early today! Even if it’s only 10 minutes earlier. Catch that slightly earlier, less-packed train or beat the 5 pm rush home. You’ve been working hard, you deserve it.

Celebrating self-love this Valentine's Day with 10 ways to treat yourself! | bygabriella.co

Make an easy dinner. This is actually my very favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day. In fact, the only thing I ever want to do on Valentine’s Day is stay at home making pizza and drinking a bold red wine. My actual dream of an evening!

Say noLet me explain. If you’re like me, you want to say yes to anything and everything. A friend wants help moving? SURE! A colleague at work is having a rough day and wants to head out for a drink? OF COURSE! But, let yourself say no. You don’t have to do it in a mean way – if that’s what you’re nervous about. It’s easy enough to say you simply can’t make it happen today, but that perhaps an evening next week would work. Don’t over-extend yourself to please others. You need time, too!

Just buy it. Have you been eyeing a new top or perhaps a new LBD for the past few weeks? Treat yo’self! Give in and buy it. If it’s been on your mind this long, you know it’ll see some good use.

Get that $6 coffeeHave you been dreaming of that luxurious iced latte (oh…or is that just me?). In any case, pick one up! Skip the morning drip coffee and indulge in an expensive coffee or espresso. Just do it.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Are you staying in or heading out on the town?


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