Citrus Shrub Punch

An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays

An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays |
An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays |

Let’s talk holiday entertaining. It is a MARATHON. Am I right? A one day event or little get-together can take weeks to plan. Am I being too dramatic? Perhaps. Regardless, invites are sent out a few weeks in advance, then come the RSVPs. Next, it’s planning the flow of the evening – are you serving dinner or passed snacks? Will your guests all hangout in the kitchen around the island?

In fact, that’s my dream of an evening – all of my favorite people wrapped around an oversized island snacking on savory apps (let’s be real, I mean cheese) and seasonal drinks.

Back to the point.

Now that I’ve successfully stressed you out – I’m sorry, I think that’s the opposite of what I’m here for – I’m going to help you out with a little tip: Embrace the punch.

An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays |
An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays |

Embrace the punch.

Not like kickboxing punch, which I also love (shout out to Vesta Movement!). But, punch punch. Like the mystery punch that always made an appearance at college parties. But not exactly that kind of punch. A punch that we’ll class up a bit. A fancy punch, if you will. This year, like last year, I’m all about the shrubs. New to shrubs? They’re simple drinking vinegars that you can use to elevate your holiday cocktails. Or any cocktail, really. All it takes is the right mix of flavors.

Winter Citrus Shrub


Citrus Shrub
1 grapefruit
2 satsumas
4 mandarins
1 blood orange
1 cup sugar
1 cup champagne vinegar

Citrus Shrub Punch
2 parts winter citrus shrub
1 part botanical gin
Club soda
Citrus rounds, madagascar vanilla bean, and rose petals for garnishing


Make your shrub
1. Make your shrub by chopping/slicing your citrus and combining it in a bowl with sugar.
2. Mash up your fruit a bit and mix it all in with the sugar.
3. Cover and let sit 1-2 days. After 1-2 days, strain the liquid out and mix with champagne vinegar.

Make your Citrus Shrub Punch
1. Combine gin and shrub in a punch bowl.
2. Top with citrus rounds.
3. When ready to enjoy, pour 1 part Citrus Shrub Punch into glass with 1 part club soda.
4. Garnish with citrus rounds, vanilla bean, and rose petals.

An easy Citrus Shrub Punch recipe for the holidays |

If you’re curious and want to learn more about shrubs, Food52 has an awesome write-up on how to make a shrub without a recipe. Enjoy, y’all!

And, if you’ve already made your own shrub – what flavors did you pair together? I’m loving this citrus one, if you couldn’t tell 😉


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