City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella

Remember last week when I told you a full-blown Atlanta city guide was coming your way? Well, here it is! And just like narrowing down last week’s photos to share with you, this one was equally tough.

In fact, even though I say this is for a 48 hour trip to Atlanta, I’m giving you way more than that because this city is just so darn special to me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, if you’re heading down to the big peach, here’s what to do, see, drink, eat, and more.

Our favorite Atlanta spots

There were just. so. many. If you’ve never been to Atlanta, you’ll know what I mean when you do visit. That might not be helpful, but if anything, I hope it convinces you to take a trip down south!

Let’s jump in.

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


  • Victory: The first spot we ever visited, and our absolute favorite. Must try – pimento cheese with bacon jam (yeah, it’s legit).
  • Superica: Located in Krog Street Market, Superrich is basically the hippest new spot. It doesn’t hurt that every drink and dish I’ve had there gets an A+ from me. Must try – tacos al pastor.
  • Rathbun’s: Steak. Need I say more? This place is beautiful, the service is phenomenal, and the food is even better. Must try – baked alaska (if they have it on the menu when you’re there).
  • Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall: Another adorable restaurant on the Beltline with outdoor seating and a stock of warm camping blankets in case you get a chill. Must try – navajo bread.
  • Ammazza: Looking for pizza? This one’s it. This casual pizza place has quality food, a solid drink menu, and pick your own booth! Must try – Amarena pizza.
  • Fox Bros BBQ: In my opinion, this is the best BBQ in Atlanta. It’s a fun spot with a menu that’s sure to impress. Must try – literally everything, but the pulled pork is my favorite.
  • Holeman and Finch: For a while, H&F only served a small amount of burgers (I believe 20, if I’m not mistaken) so it was a treat if you could get there at 10 pm and manage to order one before they were gone. Now, there’s no limit and they even have another location in Ponce! #worthit. Must try – the burger, duh.
  • Iberian Pig: Don’t judge a book by its cover. I didn’t think anything of this place after walking by it several times. However, when T. suggested we grab a few tapas, I was 100% impressed. Must try – patatas bravas.
  • Also: Jeni’s Ice Cream and Lottafrutta (best fruit cups ever).

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


  • The Merchant: Hands down one of my favorite shops in Atlanta. It’s stocked to the brim with every pretty thing you could ever want. They’ve got walls of the sweetest greeting cards, Pendleton throws (I’m in love), a cocktail collection that kills it, and more. Much, much more.
  • Waiting on Martha: I finally had the chance to stop by the WOM shop and it did not disappoint. We spent about an hour browsing the collection and let me tell you, Mandy knew what she was doing when she was stocking up.
  • Chrome Yellow Trading Co.: I found Chrome Yellow when searching for Christmas gifts last year for T. I spotted their pennant and knew it was true love. Since then, we’ve visited both shops and have picked up another print and a second pennant!
  • Westside Provisions District: If you’re looking for an afternoon of shopping, this is it. The minds behind this development stocked it with good food, delicious ice cream, and some fine shops.
  • Archer Paper Goods: Located in Ponce (see below), Archer is the sweetest little store, especially if you’re looking for trendy gifts like Swell bottles and adult coloring books.

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


  • Krog Street Market: A cute new development filled to the brim with yummy food and cute shops. If you’re grabbing a bite at Superica, make sure you walk through KSM, too!
  • Ponce City Market: We had been eagerly awaiting Ponce to open and it was the first thing I thought of when writing this city guide. It’s built in an old Sears, Roebuck & Company building and houses the most delicious restaurant concepts, adorable storefronts, and more. You could spend all day here! Or at least, I could.
  • Octane: Our favorite coffee shop – go to the one in Grant Park, if you can! Also, don’t miss their chai.
  • The BeltLine: Looking for a spot to walk, bike, dine, drink, and see all the puppies at the same time? The BeltLine it is. Okay, maybe don’t do all of that at the exact same time, but head over there for an afternoon. You won’t be disappointed.

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


  • The Georgian Terrace: One of the most beautiful hotels in Atlanta. It doesn’t hurt that they have Proof & Provision located right downstairs.
  • Glenn Hotel: We spent 4th of July up on the roof at the Glenn, and the view is a can’t miss. If you’re not staying here, grab a drink at SkyLounge and soak it all in.
  • The Intercontinental: Two words – Bourbon Bar. 

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella


  • Joystick: Easily our favorite spot in Atlanta. It doesn’t look like anything special, but it’s a real hoot. Vintage arcade games and top notch cocktails (seriously, they’ll surprise you) make for a fantastic evening.
  • Edgewood Speakeasy: First of all, make sure you grab pizza from Vesuvius if you go here. Second, it’s located through a bookshelf that’s actually door. So fun, right? Grab the Trick Pony if you’re there!
  • H. Harper Station: We stopped here one right right after landing in Atlanta. It was the coziest little reunion spot. Fun fact: It’s located at the historic Atlanta & West Point rail station.
  • Monday Night: Out of all the breweries we visited, this one was my favorite. They have a sweet setup and even better beers.
  • The Porter Beer Bar: Looking for beer? This is it.
  • Also: Ladybird, Superica, and Victory. Double duty!

City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella City Guide: 48 Hours in Atlanta // by gabriella

Are you in an LDR? Here’s how you can make the best of it part one, and part two. And if you have been to Atlanta, what are some of your favorite spots?

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