Holiday Hostess Gifts

Need some last-minute holiday hostess gifts? Here you go.
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Holiday hostess gifts with a twist |
Holiday hostess gifts with a twist |

Let me just say that I love red wine.

I love gifting red wine, I love drinking red wine, and I love catching up with friends and family over some robust, peppery red wine.

Is it just me or is wine (red, white, rosé….etc.) the holiday hostess gift of choice? It’s so easy, right? Generally you at least know whether your friend or family member prefers red or white, and you stop by to pick up a bottle on your way to the festive holiday gathering.

So, while this isn’t a post about my love for red wine (perhaps I’ll save that for another rainy day) it is about how you could be giving some creative holiday hostess gifts this year.

Holiday hostess gifts with a twist |

Holiday Hostess Gifts

I’m all about going the extra mile. I like to remember the small things. Like, if I know your favorite coffee is an iced vanilla latte – cool! me too – I’ll bring one for you when I know you’re having a tough day. Like I said, it’s the small things.

Gifts and surprises don’t have to be extravagant or overly expensive, it’s about listening. If you know that your friend is hosting a holiday get-together and she’s focusing on whipping up all the entrees and desserts for everyone, let her know you’ll take care of the appetizer/snacking portion of the evening!

Holiday hostess gifts with a twist |
Holiday hostess gifts with a twist |

Now I’m double dipping here because now we’re offering to bring an appetizer, while also hoping to sneak in a creative gift. SO – here’s the idea. Stick with me.

Yes, we bring the appetizer – or rather, a delicious charcuterie board because who can resist a charcuterie board? And we also work in a little surprise by gifting the board, cheese knives, and anything else you wanted to pick up to gift the hostess. You’re just helping her break it in 😉

Sounds sort of weird, but I’m always running out of boards when I’m hosting. I end up just serving cheese on plastic cutting boards with butter knives half the time. And yes, I realize how ridiculous of a complaint that is. But, don’t charcuterie/cutting boards and cheese accoutrements just seem like a gift that one only receives for weddings and anniversaries?

Now you’ve got another excuse! You’re welcome. Also I always look for an excuse to eat cheese, who am I kidding?

I liked the idea of pairing sweet and savory here – and used:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Manchego cheese – the best!
  • Salame
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • Cucina Aurora Rosemary and Oregano Infused Olive Oil from McCrea’s partnership with Cucina Aurora
  • Crisps and crackers
  • And for a little treat – McCrea’s Black Lava Sea Salt Caramels

Sweet and savory always wins, it leaves a little for everyone, right? What would you put on your gifted holiday charcuterie board?


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