How to Decorate Your Small Space with Greens

A few tips on how to decorate your small space with fresh greens – and on a budget!

Tips on how to decorate your small space with fresh greenery! |

If you live in a city, then you probably know the struggle that is tiny apartments. You’ve got minimal counter space, little to no room for accent tables, and it seems like your things keep multiplying. That leaves the bare minimum for actually decorating.

I love having plants and flowers in my home, but I’m aware that we don’t have a sprawling house that can fit all of the greens I’d like to display. So, instead I work with what I’ve got. Here are a few of the ways I like to showcase (and enjoy!) fresh greens in my small space.

Tips on how to decorate your small space with fresh greenery! | bygabriella.coTips on how to decorate your small space with fresh greenery! |

How to Decorate Your Small Space with Fresh Greens

  1. Select a few larger plants to serve as your standout greens. I went with a medium-sized dracaena and an indoor palm. One is large enough to stand on its own in a little corner that until now, had been empty, while the other sits on the one side table we have in our living room.
  2. Fill up small empty spaces with tiny succulents and cacti. This is by far one of my favorite tips. You don’t need to have a ton of room to enjoy having fresh greens in your home. Swing by a florist or garden center and you’re sure to find the section with adorably small succulents and cacti. Pick a few of those up with some matching tiny pots and place them around your home. I have a few of mine on a small shelf in our barely-there foyer, a handful on our bookshelf, and a few more on two shelves next to our living room window. Even just a pop of green will help, no need to bring in life-size trees to get greenery at home.
  3. Feature greens in unexpected places. While exploring a local flower shop, I happened upon the teeniest succulent there ever was. And, it was in a magnetic pot! That meant I could throw that baby right up on my refrigerator door. So darn brilliant. No need to take up counter space when I can use the open space I already have – the fridge!

How do you like to decorate with greens at home? Do you have any new plants in sight? I’m itching to treat myself to a monstera!


This post originally appeared on Alice’s Table, where I’m a guest blogger.

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    • Aren’t they the best? There’s just something so wonderful & refreshing about having greens around. xo

  • That’s a really happy post! I love what a little green can do with a space. I have two little cactus on my desktop and they make me smile every time I take a look to them! Have a wonderfyl week!

  • I love to use the inexpensive succulents at IKEA to dress up the flat surfaces around the house using vintage pieces. It makes *SUCH* a big difference, doesn’t it ?

    • YES! Same here. I’ve got a few of those around my apartment, too. So inexpensive and adorable! xo