DIY Floor Lamp

This DIY floor lamp is way too fun, right?  I love having it in our living room. It’s always a conversation starter. Partially because it almost looks like a shower, right? I feel like I’m totally cheating though since I didn’t make it, T. did! He created our floor lamp thanks to a nifty Home Depot project. What a handy guy.

Make your own DIY floor lamp out of pipes //

Though I am giving him full credit here, so that doesn’t mean cheating, it just means sharing – sound logic. Regardless of who made it, it’s such a great piece for our home and pairs quite well with our DIY copper curtain rods.

DIY: Floor lamp for your living room // Grab a few supplies and you'll be on your way to making a DIY floor lamp in no time //

What You’ll Need

DIY Floor Lamp

Keep in mind, this lamp is totally customizable, so I’d say draw a layout you like and go from there. The following is shared by T., what a guy 😉

1. Some of the long pipes, especially the 24″ and 36″ may come coated with a protective varnish. We used a razor blade to scrape the coating off and then dish soap and a sponge to wash off the last of the residue. Patience is a must and it can get messy.
2. Make sure the included cord from the lighting kit is long enough for your project. You may need to get a larger rubber washer/busing to hold the light fixture inside the 3/4″ pipe. We generally followed the steps outlined on the Home Depot blog, but chose to use a wider pipe for making a floor lamp.
4. The base is made of 4 elbows, connected to 4 3/4″ pipes. Then we connected two of those to one of the tees to make the side of the base. Do this twice. Next connect the 6″ pipe to the center opening on the tee and screw each of these into one more tee valve. This is the base.
5. Insert a 3/4″ nipple and a tee valve on top of that. This is where you will place the strain relief and feed the electrical cord.
6. We placed the 36″ pipe, then the gate valve for decoration, and  the 24″ pipe followed by a 45 degree elbow, 10″ pipe, 45 degree elbow, 2 1/2″ pipe, 45 degree elbow, 3/4″ close nipple and lastly the 1″ x 3/4″ reducing coupling. This is where you’ll place the light fixture from the lighting kit.

DIY: Floor lamp for your living room //

I’d highly suggest checking out the Home Depot post, where you’ll see photographs of each step. This is what we used to make our DIY floor lamp, so it’ll surely be helpful!

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What’s next on your DIY list? I have a collab coming up that you’re going to l.o.v.e. and it includes new DIY projects! Stay tuned; I can barely keep my excitement to myself.


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