Kitchen Secrets: Easy Pickled Red Onions

Easy pickled red onion recipe for your next taco night /

Pickled red onions. This might not actually sound like a kitchen secret at all, but it’s my secret. Well, I guess that’s a lie because now it’s not so much a secret anymore. Oh, well. I love you all enough to share it. Actually, that’s the point. I’m hoping to spread the word about my kitchen favorites one blog post at a time – that way when I visit for dinner you’ll have some easy pickled red onions ready to go! Keyword: Easy. These actually are so easy, y’all.

Easy pickled red onion recipe /

I’ve tested out a few different methods for making pickled red onions, but this is the best one I’ve found. In reality, I typically want tacos at least once a week (I had to be honest) and I almost never have tacos without pickled red onions. It’s how I trick myself into thinking I’m actually enjoying those way-too-delicious tacos at Loco. Real talk – if you’re ever in Boston, you must visit Loco Taqueria. The tacos are out of this world and the margaritas are…well….phenomenal. Get the Coco! You’ll love it (as long as you like coconut as much as I do!).

Easy Pickled Red Onions

Easy pickled red onion recipe for your next taco night /

[yumprint-recipe id=’20’] I end up using pickled red onions on all kinds of things – veggie burgers, lettuce wraps, pumpkin (or sweet potato) tostadas, and of course, tacos. I find that everyone loves them when we’re hosting friends at our place – they’re colorful and so darn tasty! I always have at least one batch in the fridge ready to go. In fact, right now I have two. So, taco night soon? 😉

What’s your favorite (easy) kitchen secret?


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