Giving Thanks: Last-Minute Details and DIYs

Here's To Giving Thanks, 2015 Style

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays yet. And the true start of the holiday season, at least for me. Thanksgiving is a day for pretending I’m going to dress up, then really staying in cozy joggers, stuffing my face, putting off cleaning up, and finally cuddling up in front of a Christmas movie (open to The Holiday or any tacky movies on Hallmark/Lifetime.

But most importantly, it’s about remembering what I’m thankful for.

Like donuts and churros.

Okay, the big stuff, too – like my family and friends, and T. (That goes unsaid, right?)

So, here’s a lighthearted letter to the things I’m thankful for (again, outside of my family, friends, and other half).

No, thank you

  1. Boston. Thank you to the city that I love so much. I’ve been here for five years  now, and am so happy I chose to jump in with both feet. Okay, basically on all fours, but it was worth it. We’ve gone through some really tough times together, but some really wonderful times, too. You’ve shown me how to persevere and come back stronger than ever. Thank you for that.
  2. Blogging. I’m not only thankful for the act of blogging, but for the community. Sure, it can be stressful trying to find the time to share quality content here, but then I remember how much I love it. And how long I had looked forward to launching my new blog while working, studying for my master’s, advising Sigma Kappa, etc. The community is the cherry on top. Just kidding, it’s the whole cookie dough sundae with extra cookie dough on top. I’ve made so many wonderful friends thanks to blogging and the Boston Blogger network.
  3. Technology. Guys, I’m not even kidding. This year could have been so much more difficult, but thanks to technology – what up, 2015 – it wasn’t. Sure, having T. living over 1K miles away was a challenge, but we made it work! On the occasional Saturday night, we’d have a movie night by Facetiming on our phones and playing the movie at the exact. same. time. We also even Facetimed T. in for a game of Cards Against Humanity! I’m not even kidding.
  4. Craft. You read that right, the craft trend. Craft cocktails, craft beer, craft-everything-else-you-can-put-craft-in-front-of. It’s overused, indeed. But delicious. Handmade, small batch everything, please.
  5. Photographs. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and have been going through all of my belongings. I own so much. Scratch that, too much. I own entirely too much. But, while sifting through everything, I was reminded how much I cherish my photographs. And not just the ones I’ve taken, but the ones of my favorite people and memories. In fact, to celebrate all of our time in Atlanta this past year and a half, we met up with the sweet and talented, Kelley Raye. We had a 3-hour session with her and drove around to all of our favorite spots in the atl. Don’t worry, I’ll share them here when we get them!

Now, do share, what are you most thankful for?

And if it’s for last-minute Thanksgiving DIYS, my favorite bloggers have you covered.

Last-minute Thanksgiving decor and favors

Here's To Giving Thanks, 2015 Style

  1. DIY Thanksgiving details, including these adorable spice favors by Domestikated Life (photo above by Domestikated Life)
  2. Fast and festive pumpkin votives by Francois et Moi
  3. Unique holiday table settings by Thou Swell

Last-minute Thanksgiving cocktails

Here's To Giving Thanks, 2015 Style

  1. Bourbon Pear Vanilla Bean Smash by Oh So Beautiful Paper (photo above by Oh So Beautiful Paper)
  2. Mulled wine, two ways by How Sweet It Is
  3. Cranberry Ramos Gin Fizz by Craft + Cocktails

Last-minute Thanksgiving apps

Here's To Giving Thanks, 2015 Style

  1. Apricot-mustard sausage rolls by Hungry Girl Por Vida (photo above by Hungry Girl Por Vida)
  2. Parsley pecorino biscuits by Smitten Kitchen
  3. Stovetop Brussels Sprouts Hash by The Kitchn

Last-minute Thanksgiving desserts

Here's To Giving Thanks, 2015 Style

  1. Sugar cookie mini cakes by My Name is Yeh (photo above by My Name is Yeh)
  2. Vegan GF pumpkin cheesecake by Camille Styles
  3. Vegan apple crisp by Love & Lemons

What are your last minute Thanksgiving tips?

Enjoy the holiday, y’all!


featured photo designed by yours truly, image from unsplash

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