Healthy Peach and Mint Popsicles

This was my first endeavor in making popsicles from scratch since I was maybe…8….and what I’ve learned is this:

  • Making popsicles is ridiculously easy (at least those of the peach and mint popsicles variety)
  • You can make them as healthy (or unhealthy) as you’d like
  • I was silly for not trying this earlier

You get to benefit from this experiment though, because here I am, sharing my very first popsicle recipe – for healthy peach and mint popsicles, in Georgia style (I’m in Boston again now, but…semantics).

Healthy Peach and Mint Popsicles

Where do you even get popsicle molds?

I bought my popsicle molds from Williams Sonoma – and now they’re even on sale! Imagine, $15 today could get you popsicles in 2-3 business days, depending on your willingness to splurge for rush delivery. My thought? #worthit

I’ve been snacking on these babies since last weekend, they’re the perfect healthy treat after dinner, on the weekends, basically whenever. With the recipe yielding 8 (and actually a little extra), I have enough to go around. I might have reserved the last 2 for me, but hey! I made them.

Healthy Peach and Mint Popsicles

If you haven’t made your own popsicles before, I would highly suggest sticking to two/three ingredients. With some popsicle recipes, you’ll have to take additional steps like boiling the mixture, but this peach and mint popsicles recipe is easy. All you need is a food processor/blender, the ingredients, and your adorable newly purchased popsicle molds.

Oh, and a freezer too, but I’m *safely* assuming you have access to one. Right?

Healthy Peach and Mint Popsicles

Want to try out these peach and mint popsicles for yourself? Grab the recipe below! Tag me in your photos if you make them! I’d love to see your popsicle endeavors.

And if you’re looking for more ice cream or popsicle inspiration, check out my ice cream board on Pinterest.

Make your own peach and mint popsicles

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