Hosting Holiday Houseguests

On hosting holiday houseguests and how to spruce up your home just in time for the festive celebrations.

Quick and easy tips on hosting holiday houseguests this season |

It’s almost here. The big day. The most festive weekend of the year. And I CANNOT wait. In case you haven’t realized just yet, I am all about the holidays. Sure, they can be stressful with all the gift shopping and the travel and the cooking. But, I like to think it’s just as magical of a time as it was when we were kids anxiously waiting for Santa to drop by with his reindeer entourage in the middle of the night. I unabashedly love the holidays, always will.

So, in case you’re feeling the pressure this holiday season, I’m teaming up with my friends over at Wayfair to bring you a quick guide with easy tips on hosting holiday houseguests this weekend.

Quick and easy tips on hosting holiday houseguests this season |

Quick and easy tips on hosting holiday houseguests this season |
Quick and easy tips on hosting holiday houseguests this season |

Hosting Holiday Houseguests

Fresh linens

love the feeling of freshly washed and dried linens. It makes a world of difference, and it’s quite easy to tell when you hop into bed if the linens have been freshly washed. In fact, we washed our own linens last night and it was the best mid-week treat to jump into our freshly made bed. It’s usually a weekend thing, so it really was a nice surprise to arrive home and have fresh sheets waiting for me – thanks, T!

Sure, you may have washed your guest room linens after your last visitor, but they have settled since. Throw them in the washer and dryer for good measure, it won’t go unnoticed! Wayfair also suggests putting extra pillows and blankets on the bed for your guests, which I 100% agree with. I always have to sleep with two pillows and at least one blanket – your guests may do the same! So, easily anticipate their cozy requests in advance by simply leaving them on the bed before they arrive.

A little surprise

I know it sounds like leaving a mint on the pillows, but I love the idea of leaving a little surprise for your guests. My go to is locally made McCrea’s Candies. Their caramels are out of this world. So decadent, without being too sweet. Plus, they don’t stick to your teeth. It’s like some sort of caramel magic that I can’t wrap my head around, it’s incredible! Grab one of their small packs and wrap it up with some ribbon or string, then simply leave it on the pillow for your guests to discover.

Cozy it up

Has anyone else noticed that guest rooms can occasionally feel quite cold? I suppose it’s because they’re technically not a ‘lived-in’ room. However, the holidays are meant to be a cozy, festive time of the year! So, cozy it right up. I like to pick up a few wintery candles – balsam & cedar, anyone? I also enjoy picking up a few new greens, even if it’s just bunches of winter greens instead of plants – throw them in a fun vase with a few pops of color like juniper berries! Cozy textures also make a big difference. For example, throw a soft blanket on the bed for your guests or give them a cozy accent pillow that they can use to prop up if they’re reading in bed (or both!).

Shop local, this is your moment to show off your town or city and why you love it so much! I am thrilled when a guest leaves my home and they’re already planning to shop my favorite local makers.

Are you hosting holiday houseguests this weekend? What are your go-to easy hosting tips?


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