How To: 5 Easy Ways to Save Money Now

I’m bad at saving money. Seriously. I’ll go a few months without spending much at all, then binge. Like totally binge. That cute dress I saw at Kate Spade that’s now on sale via Threadflip? Those push pop molds at Williams-Sonoma I needed to have? MINE. That’s when I realized others might be having a similar issue, so I gathered up my favorite easy ways to save money to share with you!

To combat this ridiculous lifestyle I had (/have), I found ways that I could reasonably cut back, without having to put in too much effort. Lazy or brilliant? You decide.

Here are 5 easy ways to save money:

1. Make your own drinks! I don’t just mean your after work cocktails or weekend bevvies (though this still applies). Start making your own iced coffee or chai – my personal favorite. If you want to feel like you’re still drinking that fancy cup of iced coffee, step up your game! My favorite iced coffee is fresh mint iced coffee, brought to you by Jessica of How Sweet It Is. Seriously, just look at it:

5 easy ways to save money

2. Cut ties with your cable company. I’ve realized the only thing I really need cable for is to watch Jeopardy. Sure, I might be a 70-year old woman at heart, but I’m totally comfortable in my television preferences. I digress. If you’re not a total TV junkie, why you are spending so darn much on cable? Cut ties with your cable provider and invest in things Netflix (my personal favorite), Hulu, or Chromecast/Apple TV. Or a mix of a few, up to you.

3. Stop eating out so much. Sure, I know this can be tough, but it’s also worth it. Let’s break it down.

• You get, let’s say, two cocktails during the course of the evening – easily $18 depending on where you live.

• An app is a must, duh! Another $5. Again, based on how many people you’re with and what you’re ordering.

• Time for the big bucks – your entrée. We’ll estimate $15.

• $38 total.

• But…don’t forget the tip! Now you’re up to $45. Look at that. Almost $50 just for ONE meal!

Now, I’m not telling you to go cold turkey. But try to stick to one meal out per week. You can modify as necessary, but this is a good starting point.

4. Do you really need another LBD? Probably not. I’ve been trying to cut back on all of the excessive shopping. So, if I see something that I absolutely love, I’ll bookmark it or save it to a wish list. If a week goes by and I continue to think about the many ways I’d wear that cute flamingo skirt or adorable sleeveless shirtdress, then I get it! I wait until I know I’m really going to love it. That’s the key.

5 easy ways to save money

via Death to Stock

5. Bike! (or walk, it’s your cup of tea, not mine). I recently, thanks to quite possibly the best fella there ever lived (T.), acquired the most beautiful bike. Her name is Penelope and she hails from California (Public Bikes, to be specific). She gets me around town, carries me to errands, and even helps me commute to work every day. Now, I’m lucky enough to live under three miles from my office, so I get to bike every day – unless there’s inclement weather, of course. But that Penelope is saving me about $75 per month AND helping me get fit. If you have the opportunity to bike or walk to work, take it! Your investment in a bike (which you could totally get off Craigslist for a reasonable price) is going to go a long way. Your wallet and health will surely thank you.

There you have it, 5 easy ways to save money now. What’s your favorite tip for saving money? Small or monumental, anything helps!

ps. all the push pop recipes comin’ at ya, soon.


Author: gabriella

Gabriella is a blogger, Director of Social Media in Boston, and City Manager for the BOS Lady Project. You'll typically find her with an iced chai in one hand and a book in the other.

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  • Hey Gabriella! I’m obsessed with your site. its so beautiful and complements your Instagram very well. Great content too. This post on saving money is one that I definitely needed to read. I like your take on shopping. I had a horrible problem of buying clothes just to buy them. I’d go home and discover I didnt really need that gray cardigan because I already have like two others. lol. it was pretty bad at one point. But one of my tricks to saving money is to actually not bring any money with me at all! I know it sounds kind of risky but it works for me because I spend most of my time at work anyway. And now that I’ve been packing food to take with me, I havent had to spend money on going out to eat for my lunch break. I know leaving all your money at home sounds crazy but it’s worth a try. I stow away my debit/credit cards for a while and only keep $20 on me. And guess what? I’ve had the same $20 bill in my wallet for almost two weeks now! yipee! It’s pretty extreme but it’s also pretty effective. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to share that.

    P.S. So great meeting you with Ana back in what… June? Hope to see you in the ATL again soon.

    • Janay,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so so happy that you’re enjoying my blog. I’m reading yours as I write this and I’m in *love.* It’s so great! Can’t wait to keep reading.

      And this is an absolutely excellent tip! I’ve never actually thought about doing that, but it’s brilliant. If I only had that $20 bill in my wallet, I wouldn’t want to spend it…”just in case.” So glad you mentioned that!

      I’ll be back in ATL in November and hope that we can get together again soon! I had so much fun.