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I have this problem with wallets. It takes me forever to find one I really love. Then when I do, I keep it for years because it was so darn hard to find the perfect one in the first place! Right now I’ve got a cute little Kate Spade wallet that I picked up in Atlanta about two years ago, which I’m sure I’ll keep for a few more years. But, T. has recently become a big fan (myself included) of leather products. Everything from leather wallets to leather keychains, you name it. So, when I was introduced to Kelsey over at Red Leaf Leather, I knew I couldn’t wait to pick out a new leather wallet.

Your new favorite leather wallet/passport holder by Red Leaf Leather |

What I ended up doing was picking out one of Kelsey’s leather travel essentials – an adorable passport holder. Though I’ll certainly use it as a passport holder while traveling, I actually love it so much that I’m also going to use it as a wallet when I’m not! Kelsey’s products are so incredibly well made – and her story is pretty inspiring as well. After working for someone else, she slowly began creating and selling enough custom leather products to quit her job and work for herself full-time. The dream, am I right?

Your new favorite leather wallet/passport holder by Red Leaf Leather |

A custom leather wallet

Kelsey’s shop, Read Leaf Leather, boasts some adorable leather totes, wallets, key chains, and more passport holders! I love that she was able to stamp in my initials – don’t they look so adorable!? This is also a fabulous future gift idea, especially with the holidays only a few short months away.

If you’re looking for a custom gift (like an awesome leather wallet!), I highly suggest checking out Red Leaf Leather. And if custom gifts are kind of your thing, what do you usually go for? I love making little gift packs of sorts with a few small items that I know each person would really cherish. There’s something so wonderful about a gift that was specifically picked out with you in mind, right?


Leather product c/o Red Leaf Leather, all opinions are my own.

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