Life Edit No. 2: Getting Settled in Atlanta

Life edit no. 2: The big move and what it’s like getting settled in Atlanta.

You may be wondering (or perhaps not at all – no hard feelings, here!) about where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, we’ve been doing our very best to get settled in here in Atlanta.

Life Edit No. 2: Getting Settled in Atlanta

The move was a big one. We packed up everything we own, left it in storage for over a month while we gallivanted around Europe, then drove the 1,000 miles from Boston to Atlanta just after Fourth of July. It’s scary! Moving somewhere new means exactly that; everything is new.

Luckily for us, Tim had already spent a year and a half living in Atlanta. While I visited plenty of times, I didn’t actually live here. So, while it’s a new experience for me, it’s a welcome one. One that we’ve been so excited about for months.

We made some great progress with the apartment; it’s nearly unpacked and we have almost all of our furniture in place. We’re waiting on a few things – new stools! a new nightstand! and more patio furniture! – and are having oh so much fun shopping for our new home. Or rather, I’m having so much fun with it. I simply can’t wait to get to the decorating portion of the move. Right now our walls are bare and we have our photographs and prints lying around in the living room. It’ll feel amazing to be fully settled in with our walls adorned with our favorite things.

Our hurdle now is pushing through those last few boxes. Funny story – in our last apartment, we actually never finished the last few boxes. We left them out in the living room as if we were going to take care of them. Though, there they sat on our last weekend in Boston. At least those were a few boxes that we didn’t have pack back up, right? There’s the silver lining.

If you have any tips for getting through those last few boxes and attempting to find a place for those miscellaneous items, please share! We’re running out of storage space quite quickly. Which, I suppose also signals that we need to purge a bit more. I’m working on living more minimally (….clothes are another story), so I really need to get a move on with it.

Anyways, we’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled travel guides, fun cocktails, and new summer recipes real soon. I have SO much planned for you and can’t wait to dive back in!


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