So you’re in a long distance relationship? Here’s how to make it work (and enjoy it!)

Find yourself in a long distance relationship? Here's 3 ways to make it exciting!Some background: I knew I’d be in a long distance relationship when my fella and I started dating. We had known each other for a few years prior, you know, thanks to that good old college student government. However, when we decided to “be exclusive,” “go steady,” what have you, we knew he’d be moving away. It felt risky, but exciting all at the same time.

He had accepted a position with a company that would be sending him on a rotational program – one and a half years somewhere outside of Boston, to then come back and work in headquarters for six months. From there, we could move anywhere we’d like –  depending on if there’s an opening and if it makes sense, so on and so forth.

So, here’s how we found ourselves in a long distance relationship; I’m in Boston and he’s in Atlanta.

Find yourself in a long distance relationship? Here's 3 ways to make it exciting!

To be completely candid, I was so excited for him to experience a new city, but I was also feeling selfish. I finally found the best guy, but by the time we started dating, we were already counting down to him moving away. But, you know what? We’ve made the best of it and have actually managed to enjoy our long distance relationship.

Have fun with your long distance relationship

Find yourself in a long distance relationship? Here's 3 ways to make it exciting!

It’s the situation you’re in, so have fun with it! You might as well. Sure, there are tough days when I wish teleportation was a thing – come on, guys, what are you even working on if it isn’t teleportation for couples in LDRs?

I digress.

The tough days are worth all of those fun trips we get to take. Let me tell you, meeting your beau/lady in the airport is the most exciting experience of all. Sometimes, s/he’ll even meet you with flowers – thanks, T.!

Find yourself in a long distance relationship? Here's 3 ways to make it exciting!


  1. Snail mail. Maybe it’s because handwritten letters and notes are some of my favorite things, or because when I get home, the first thing I do is check the mail, but either way snail mail is my favorite. Sure, we talk on the phone almost everyday and FaceTime to say goodnight, but we still write letters and send cards to each other. I make a monthly trip to Papersource or Black Ink (if you’re ever in Boston) to find sweet and sometimes funny postcards, social cards, etc. to send T. They’re my absolute favorite spots for cards – check them out!
  2. Explore the area. T. is in Atlanta, so we’re doing a “tour de south” while we can. We’ve picked out a couple spots we’d like to see while he’s living down there and have made it our mission to see almost, if not all, of them. So far, we’ve visited Nashville, New Orleans, and Savannah (my favorite). We’ve got a few more on the list, but Charleston is at the very top. Don’t worry, city guides to come soon! If you’re living apart from your person, find cities or destinations that are within a few hours driving distance and get to traveling! It makes your trips to see him/her almost like a double vacation. Am I right?
  3. Utilize technology. Seriously. FaceTime (or Google, or whatever else you might use) is the best. We get to “see” each other almost everyday, which makes a huge difference in a long distance relationship. In fact, about every other weekend we watch a movie together. How does this work, you ask? We set FaceTime up on our phones and find a movie or comedy special on Netflix. It takes a minute or so to get the movies playing at the exact same spot, but it’s worth it! It’s like we’re in the same room. It’s also a shared experience that you can both talk about later. Another good example – I had a few of our friends over (while he’s still in Atlanta) and we were having a few beers and decided to play Cards Against Humanity. We FaceTimed T. in to the get together and included him in the game! We’re pretty good at communicating, so I held the cards up to the screen so only he could see them, and then he told me which one (numbered 1-5) to put down. It was brilliant! We had a blast, and he even came in second place.

Don’t worry, we’ve still got a few more months and tons of more tips to come!

Are you in or have you been in an LDR? How do you keep it fun?


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