Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work (Part II)

Making the Best of Your Long Distance Relationship | by gabriella

Here we are again, chatting about your (okay, my) long distance relationship.  In case you missed the first installment, check it out! It has some quick tips on how you can make your long distance relationship work – and actually have fun doing it!

Since I last posted in early August, we’re a few months closer to finally living in not only the same state or city, the very same apartment! You heard me right. We’re going from living 1000 miles away from each other to living in the same apartment. I. Can’t. Wait.

Making the Best of Your Long Distance Relationship | by gabriella

With that said, we’re both super excited about moving in together, but we’ve still got a few months of Facetime movie nights, handwritten cards, and solo round-trip flights. Which means, good news for you – even more tips to making the best of your long distance relationship!

Making the Best of Your Long Distance Relationship | by gabriella

3 Ways to Make Your LDR Fun

  1. Communicate. I know, I know. You’ve got all your clichés ready to go, right? Easier said than done, etc., etc. But, I’m being 100% serious. I’m not so great at communicating, but I’ve had to work really hard at it. I’m still not all the way there, but it’s important to try. It also helps that I have the best guy to support me; he’s patient and understanding, and the best listener out there. I digress. Communication is essential in your long distance relationship because you’re spending the majority of your time apart. You have phone calls, video calls, short trips, and good old snail mail. When you’re living so far apart, communication is key.
  2. Plan ahead. Going into our long distance relationship, I had so many mixed feelings. I was happy that he had the chance to live somewhere new and have this amazing experience, but I was also sad and hesitant about the whole situation. One day, when I was chatting with my mom, she gave me some of the best, yet simplest, advice. She told me to always have the next trip planned. And she was right! This absolutely helped. We’ve been so lucky as to always have our next weekend, excursion, and events (read: all. the. weddings) planned out. Never once did we say see you later, without really knowing when that would be. If you can do the same, even if it’s not that frequent, do it!
  3. Try new things. Get creative! Especially if you can only spend short weekends together. Don’t spend the brief time doing the same old thing (i.e., netflix and chill – which is apparently a term that these new young whippersnappers have coined). So get out there and experience something new together! A few things on our list (ahem, organized google doc) are to take dancing lessons, go kayaking because I’ve never been (gasp!), and take weekend trips to new locations – like Burlington, VT! So cozy, right?

Making the Best of Your Long Distance Relationship | by gabriellaMaking the Best of Your Long Distance Relationship | by gabriella

Long distance relationships are hard. I’m not trying to sugar coat it for you, it takes a lot of work. But, it’s worth it. So get ready for a new adventure!

Do you have any LDR tips to share? Please do!


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