How to: Network on Social Media


How to: Networking on Social Media // by gabriellaBefore I chat about how to network on social media and how wonderful it is, let me start by explaining my fear of networking back in college. I was terrified of it. I was scared of running out of things to talk about, of saying the wrong thing, of approaching new people…I could keep going.

But, when I joined the BOS Lady Project team as Creative Manager, I started to really see the value in networking. And you know what? I started to actually have fun. I began meeting new people without it feeling forced, and we stayed in touch! In fact, a few of my close friends are all thanks to networking with BOS Lady Project.

And when I attempted to network on social media, I began meeting even more people who truly inspired me. I’ve been using Instagram to find amazing brands I’d love to collaborate with, on Twitter I’ve been connecting with talented creatives, and on LinkedIn I’ve been connecting with like-minded professionals.

It’s no secret that I love social media – my full-time job is in fact Director of Social Media. But outside of work, I use it for so many additional purposes:

  • Promoting my blog posts
  • Sharing nifty things I find and posts from my favorite bloggers
  • Finding new brands
  • And of course, networking!

Here are a few of the ways I love networking on social media – I hope they’ll help you, too!

How to: Networking on Social Media // by gabriella

How to: Network on Social Media

  1. First of all, you want to figure out why you’re looking to network and who you’re looking to network with. Are you a blogger who’s hoping to connect with other bloggers? Are you working for a brand that’s creating a blogger outreach program? It’s imperative that you figure out the why and the who before diving in blind. For me, I’m first and foremost looking to connect with other creatives/bloggers. I love learning new things, and learning from creative people is my favorite way to do so! (Speaking of creative people, have you seen Grace’s Insta? It’s filled with color, donuts, and pure joy).
  2. Pick your channel and be as active as possible on it. I really like networking via Twitter and Instagram. In fact, my most recent blogging partnership started via an Instagram comment! Who knew, right?
  3. Give more than you take. I really try to stay true to this. On social, I love sharing others’ work that I find and enjoy. It’s important to not only ask, but to figure out how you can give something back, like creating a collaboration that benefits your newly found connection more so than you. There are tons of options, so don’t limit yourself.
  4. Follow up and stay in touch. I like to go old school with this and send a handwritten note. This is of course, not 100% necessary, but I enjoy writing and I love stationary. Either way, you should at least be following up with a thank you, and staying in touch to foster your relationship.
  5. Finally, be yourself! Be genuine. It can be easy to tell when someone’s “faking” it. If you’re colorful and creative, don’t stifle yourself via social media. Be you when reaching out to new people. Sure, it’s important to be professional, but let your personality shine through.

Do you often network on social media? If not, what’s holding you back?

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Author: gabriella

Gabriella is a blogger, Director of Social Media in Boston, and City Manager for the BOS Lady Project. You'll typically find her with an iced chai in one hand and a book in the other.

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  • Some great points here, thanks you Gabriella. I agree particularly with point 3, the social, give-back aspect of social media is sometimes overlooked by marketers in favour of broadcasting.

  • Hi! I was wondering what cursive font you used for “networking on social media”
    It’s stunning! Love this article btw.

  • Found your post via Pinterest! I love that you have specific social medias that you devote your time to, I feel like some tips say be present every where and it is so hard to be relevant on all social medias especially those like snapchat.