Off The Shoulder Sweater for Fall

An off the shoulder sweater from Tobi, fit for the fall to winter transition

An off the shoulder sweater in crimson from Tobi, fit for the fall to winter transition | bygabriella.coA warm, wine colored sweater fit for the fall to winter transition |

So many new things are happening over here! Like, that time I threw you for a loop and shared my typical Friday cocktail on Wednesday (do it for #NationalPumpkinDay, right?). Or like this weekend when I led my first-ever workshop on photography & social media! Or like today, where I’m in front of the camera instead of behind it.

And you know what? I was as sufficiently awkward as I thought I’d be. Don’t worry, not at the workshop, I mean in front of the camera. (The workshop did, in fact, go swimmingly). That’s okay though, I’ve accepted it. The being awkward in front of the camera thing. Plus, I simply had to show you this adorable off the shoulder sweater. #worthit

Though it is technically an off the shoulder sweater, you can actually wear it two ways. 1. Like in the photo above, where it’s true to its name – and hanging off my shoulders. or 2. As seen below, where you can pull it up and let it drape over one side, almost like an exaggerated mock neck sweater. For chillier days, option 2 might be the way to go.

A warm, wine colored sweater fit for the fall to winter transition |

Transition season is always one of the toughest, especially up here in the Northeast. In fact, last week, it was 70 degrees. 70. People were outside in short sleeve shirts. I was biking without a a jacket or gloves! And the week before that? It was 40 degrees. Right, we live in a weird, weird place (don’t worry, I still love you, Boston!).

Regardless, transition wear is one of the hardest types of clothing to find. It may be 35 degrees in the morning, but climb to the 70s within a few hours. So, I try to get my hand on versatile clothing (like this off the shoulder sweater) as much as possible.

An off the shoulder sweater in crimson from Tobi, fit for the fall to winter transition |

Shop the off the shoulder sweater

Off the shoulder sweater: Tobi | Black jeans: Gap | Black flats: Banana Republic (similar) | Leather bag: Madewell

How do you manage the weird weather transitions? Do you have a go-to item of clothing?


Sweater c/o Tobi, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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  • Love seeing you in front of the camera, you look so good! And i love this cozy knit, so versatile, plus the colour so warm. I just bought a pair of pants in that shade, so nice for fall / winter!

    • Aw thank you so much, Corina! I’m definitely going to keep practicing. It definitely is harder than it looks! You know, all that being ‘natural’ gets tiring 😉


  • Hi Gabriella, I was on the Boston Lady Project website and followed the link to your blog – and I’m so glad I did! My name is Jessica and I work for Shift Your Style. We are a professional wardrobing company with clients all over New England. The color of your sweater and the style look perfect on you! I’d love for you to check out our website ( Have you ever considered working with a Stylist? I think you would love Style Club – a professional stylist shops for you then delivers clothes right to your home or office – all for only $99! I was sending a note to Boston Lady Project in the hopes that you all might be interested in a Style Presentation. Our owner and Master Stylist, Aricia, puts on a great presentation that is educational, stylish and fun! You can learn about latest trends and optimal styling for your personal silhouette.

    We would love to do a Style Presentation for the fabulous women of Boston Lady Project, lmk what you think!