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Right before graduation (oh right, I finally have my master’s!), I signed up for Rocksbox. The service, much like the other subscription services, delivers quality jewelry right to your door. If you’re on the fence about joining the community or interested in learning more, keep reading for a Rocksbox review!

*note, if you’re attempting to save your money, skip ahead to the part where you get a free month with Rocksbox.

Rocksbox Review

Signing up for Rocksbox is super easy. Here, they even laid out the directions in beautiful form for you:

Step 1

Becoming a shine insider is easy peasy. Take a quick survey, add items to your wish list, and BOOM you’re all set!

Rocksbox Review

Step 2

Your three pieces are delivered right to your door! Your stylist will take into consideration your survey and wish list to curate three pieces they think you’ll love. My favorite thing about Rocksbox is that you can wear your items as long as you’d like!

I’ve received two Rocksboxs — Rocksboxes — Boxes of Rocks? Oh well. Anyways, I really enjoyed the pieces I’ve received. Even though the ring was too small in one box and I really hate dangle earrings (also the word dangle is so ugly), the necklaces were perfect and I end up wearing them all the time.
Rocksbox Review

Step 3

Return when you’re ready! All you have to do is place your jewelry back in its box and affix the included shipping label. See? Easy as pie. Although, making pie isn’t the easiest, so I’m not sure why that phrase is a thing. If you know, clue me in.

Rocksbox Review

Here comes the best part. You get to try it for free! Sign up with code gabivxoxo to get your first month free! If you like the service, try it for a few more months, if not, cancel at no charge.

Sweet deal, right?

Have you tried Rocksbox? Share your own Rocksbox review!


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