Scheduling Social Media Posts & 3 Reasons Why It’s Worth It

Working on your totally awesome, brand spankin’ new social media strategy? Well perfect timing! Because today we’re talking all about scheduling social media posts and why it’s worth it. Have you been sharing your content in real time up until now? Well, here are 3 reasons why you should start thinking about scheduling your social media content in advance.

Scheduling Social Media Posts and Why it's Worth It |

Why You Should be Scheduling Social Media Posts

Things don’t go as planned

If you think you’ll have time throughout the day to check in and share your blog content organically, perfect! But, does that always happen? I’m guessing not. We all have those days – the ones when time flies by even faster than anticipated. You might start the day anticipating giving 10 minutes here and there to worry about scheduling social media posts, but then the day gets away from you. You get an email about a collaboration, or perhaps you have an unexpected call with a potential client, or really anything else pops up that monopolizes your attention.

The point? I get it. It happens! So plan ahead, and if you have those extra 10 minutes here and there – wonderful! If not, then you’ve already taken care of your scheduling earlier that morning.

Focus on proactive engagement

Because I spend about 30 minutes in the morning scheduling social media posts with content from my own blog, my favorite daily reads, and other miscellaneous items, when I do have those few minutes scattered throughout the day to check in on my personal social – I can use those few minutes to focus on proactive engagement, which is a must.

Think of it this way – when you post your content, you want others to engage with it, right? Well, that’s what everyone else is thinking! Show your favorite bloggers you care about their content, and hopefully they’ll engage with  your content as well! Simple, right? But proactive engagement is often forgotten.

Make sure you actually do it

Because I’m so used to scheduling my content in the mornings now, I realize that if something pops up and I’m not able to do so, I often don’t share anything on those days. Yikes! You should be taking advantage of social as much as you can, without going overboard.

How to schedule your social media posts

  • Find the tool that works for you! Some are free, and some are paid – it’s all about finding what you’re comfortable with. And don’t be afraid to try out a few different options. Many have free trials that you can take advantage of – and you should! It’s a great method for testing what works for you.
  • Make it enjoyable. I like to wake up early and sit in the living room where we have 3 big windows. The natural light paired with a little cold brew coffee is my ideal way to start the day.
  • Set a comfortable number of posts to share each day. I try to schedule 10 assorted tweets for each day, 1 Facebook post, and 1 Instagram post each day. That way you’ve got a goal to work towards; now I love checking ‘queue social posts’ off my to do list each morning!

Do you schedule your social media posts? If so, how has it helped you free up time throughout your day? If not, what’s keeping you from scheduling social posts?


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