The Importance of Making Time

The importance of making time for what matters /

Tuesday real talk: Making time for what matters is important. It’s something that’s been on my mind for quite some time. I first brought it up when prepping for the start of 2016, a year that has already brought quite a few surprises and exciting things (more to come!).

This year has been stressful, exhilarating, and happy all at the same time. It’s also been exhausting and jam-packed, which is why it’s so important for you (and me!) to make time for what matters. Lately, I’ve had a few acquaintances ask me questions like “How do you have time for everything you do?” or say things like “I just don’t have the time like you do to do extra things outside of work.”

Yes – real things people have said. And I don’t blame them, but it’s not that I have 28 hours in a day when they have 24, I make the most of my 24 hours each and every day. I budget my time starting at 5:30 am when I wake up up until about 10:30 pm (on a good day) when I head to bed.

Making Time for the Things You Love

Sure, it’s a lot, but managing my time effectively helps me make time for the things I love, like blogging, volunteering (surprise – I’m a sorority advisor! Oh, and the Creative Director of BOS Lady Project), connecting with new like-minded creatives and brands, and traveling!

The importance of making time for what matters /

For example, I was even more productive last Sunday than usual because I’m packing up and heading to Washington D.C. this weekend (yay!). I plan my schedule one week at a time. This way I know what I have on deck for my hours after work (aka my full-time job) so I can plan out time to shoot, write, and edit my blog posts; manage my time volunteering with Lady Project and the sorority; and still have time to travel and catch up with my favorite people as often as possible.

The importance of making time for what matters /

Some days can be more demanding than others, but they’re worth it. I get to spend my days and nights working on projects I love with people I adore. Not too shabby if you ask me.

What are three things that you should be making time for that you’re not already? How can you start making the time for them?


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Gabriella is a blogger, Director of Social Media in Boston, and City Manager for the BOS Lady Project. You'll typically find her with an iced chai in one hand and a book in the other.

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  • You’re describing pretty much my daily life! This year though i’m doing my best to change everything around and it’s working nicely so far! There’s nothing more important to have some time to relax our brains

    • Agreed! I need to keep pushing to do this more and more. I’ve been pretty bad at it this past week, but hoping it calms down soon!


    • Definitely. I’m much more productive in the mornings. However, lately it’s been an early to rise, late to get to bed kind of thing. I can certainly tell I start to lose steam if it keeps on for too long.