Tropical Kale Smoothie

Tropical Kale Smoothie to Jumpstart Your Day // by gabriella

Here it is, my favorite kale (and spinach!) smoothie. This is one of those get-your-behind-out-of-bed-and-jumpstart-your-day smoothies. A tropical kale smoothie, to be exact. And it’s delicious.

Tropical Kale Smoothie to Jumpstart Your Day // by gabriella

Actually, I made it yesterday morning for the first time by gathering a bunch of my favorite ingredients. I threw them in the blender and voilà! It was even more delicious than I was hoping for.  Actually, by the time I finished the smoothie, I wished I had even more. That’s the first time in a long time that I’ve craved more of my green smoothie.

I tell ya, it’s life changing.

Okay, maybe not life changing, but it’s a pretty darn delicious way to start your day. And you can make it in less than 10 minutes! Success. Check out the recipe below!

Tropical Kale Smoothie to Jumpstart Your Day // by gabriella

Tropical Kale Smoothie Recipe

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  • I cannot lie. I’m so not a fan of green juices. They always sound like they could be appetizing, but I’ve never really pulled the plug and just gotten into them! I may need to try your recipe 😉

    • Let me know if you do! I feel like this is a good “gateway” green drink, it’s sweet and tastes like pineapple/mango instead of kale and spinach, which is ideal.


    • It actually is so delicious! I’ve made many a green smoothies before that were definitely not, but this one’s a keeper for sure.


  • okay, so now that i saw this on twitter, i had to come and see how you make it. i can’t wait to give this a try, YUMMY! xx

  • This sounds and looks really good! I have a silly question, can you add something like coconut water or milk to this?

    • Absolutely! And totally not a silly question. I use 1/2 cup of water to water down the smoothie a bit and 1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt, but these can totally be swapped out with things like coconut water, milk, or even seltzer if you want a bit of a kick. 🙂