WordPress vs. Blogger: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

After years of hesitation, I’m ready to finally admit that I’m #teamwordpress. All. The. Way.

I hosted my blog, Kneadle + Bread, on Blogger for years.  And, to be honest, I really think it was the right decision. I actually first started Kneadle + Bread on WordPress, but after about ten minutes I realized I was in over my head. So, I guess I’ve come full circle because here I am, reporting live from WordPress.

What to consider before choosing a platform:

  • What functionalities are most  important to you? Are you looking for a simple design and minimal posting tools or do you need something more sophisticated?
  • Are you new to blogging or are you a blogging pro? How much customization will your blog require to keep it up to your standards?
  • Cost. Is your budget $0 or are you willing to spend a little (or a lot) on your blog?



✓ Free!

✓ User-friendly, minimal interface, and simplified post settings

✓ Quick statistics

✓ Drag and drop layout


✕ No plugin capability

✕ No robust SEO tool

✕ Minimal media storage



✓ Customizable themes

✓ A+ media storage

✓ Plugin capability

✓ SEO tool integration


✕ Minimal editing functions with free account

✕ No drag and drop design tools

✕ Not always easiest for beginners













The Move

My move to WordPress has been fairly easy. Well, when you forget about the design, nailing down the “just right” logo, and figuring out my blog’s name. Otherwise, it’s been smooth sailing.

I decided that I wanted to start fresh. I wasn’t going to be importing my posts and more importantly, I’ve been working on creating entirely new blog content. Cue the cheers! I’ll give you a moment.

Welcome back.

WordPress vs. Blogger: Additional Resources

Now, before diving in head first, you’ll want to check out other WordPress vs. Blogger posts for tips. The research is worth it because you want to find something that will work for you. Here are a few more to take a peek at:

Are you in the process of choosing a blogging platform or have you already made the switch? What tools and capabilities are most important to you?


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