Cucumber Basil Mezcalita

A Cucumber Basil Mezcalita recipe perfect for spring, summer, and let’s be honest – every season.

I know, I know – YESTERDAY was National Margarita Day.

But you know what?

Cucumber Basil Mezcalita Cocktail Recipe |
Cucumber Basil Mezcalita Cocktail Recipe |

Margaritas are one of my absolute favorite cocktails and they deserve so much more than just one day in the spotlight. And, YOU deserve more than just one day to celebrate them!

Who’s with me? Hopefully all of you.

The weather in Atlanta right now is insane. It’s been in the 70s all week and it’s FEBRUARY. I’m used to winter in Boston where – it’s snowing. No joke. We get snow up there until April, so this is pretty ludicrous weather for me right now.

Cucumber Basil Mezcalita Cocktail Recipe |
Cucumber Basil Mezcalita Cocktail Recipe |

I even laid by the pool yesterday with a friend of mine drinking a Pimm’s Cup. I know, who am I? I decided I needed to give myself a break from all the screens that are typically surrounding me.

So, to be honest, this is a leftovers cocktail. My gal pal brought over cucumbers and strawberries, and all kinds of things to use for our afternoon of Pimm’s Cups. And, I had already had basil on hand for this week’s tomato and avocado salad lunch. Thus, the Cucumber Basil Mezcalita was born!

Cucumber Basil Mezcalita Cocktail Recipe |

Cucumber Basil Mezcalita

While the term ‘leftovers cocktail’ sounds like the opposite of appetizing, this one truly was. Who cares if it was inspired by ingredients from cocktails past? Isn’t that typically how recipes happen? I love looking through our fridge and pantry and realizing we have just the right ingredients for a new, tasty meal. Or in this case, a new tasty cocktail!


1 small cucumber, diced
4 basil leaves
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part Cointreau/triple sec
2 parts mezcal
1/2 part St-Germain


1. Add cucumber, basil, Cointreau, & lime juice to shaker.
2. Muddle, then add mezcal and St-Germain.
3. Shake for 20 seconds.
4. Salt rim and strain margarita into glass.
5. Add shaved ice (or one cube of ice).
6. Garnish with basil and lime.
*Makes 2 mezcalitas

And there you have it! My new favorite refreshing spring cocktail. Oh don’t worry, I know it’s not really spring yet, but it sure does feel like it!

What flavor combinations would you like to see here, by the way? I took a little poll on Instagram to see what everyone thought about me bringing back weekly (or in reality, biweekly) cocktail recipes to the blog and the response was overwhelmingly positive!