3 Easy Winter Entertaining Tips & A Free E-Book!

3 easy winter entertaining tips to get you through the rest of this chilly season!

Download a FREE copy of By Gabriella's Winter Entertaining Guide featuring easy winter entertaining tips & tricks! | bygabriella.co

Winter’s a weird time of year, especially if you live somewhere cold. In the winter, really the only thing to do here in Boston is to eat and drink. I kid you not. Whenever we have guests visiting from out of town, they typically ask what there is to ‘do’ here. Sure, we’ve got tons of historical landmarks (it is Boston after all), but they’re all outdoors!

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t feel the need to walk the 2.5 mile freedom trail in the dead of winter. Sorry.

Rather, the go-to answer is whichever restaurant we’re loving that week or whichever bar just opened up. Seriously. I love Boston, don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying that the majority of what we do here revolves around food.

Though, I suppose that’s not a bad thing, am I right?

Anyway, back to business.

A free copy of By Gabriella's Winter Entertaining Guide featuring easy winter entertaining tips & tricks! | bygabriella.co

3 Easy Winter Entertaining Tips

With winter being so cold up here, any winter parties or shindigs you’re hosting are most likely happening indoors. That can get tough! So, here are a few of my favorite winter entertaining tips. OH RIGHT, and a free e-book! My first ever, y’all! I wrote an e-book with a few of my favorite tips & tricks for entertaining in the winter. Grab your copy here.

  1. Keep it cozy. When I say cozy, I mean two separate things, both equally important. (1) Sometimes guest lists can get out of control, it happens, I get it. But, do your best to keep your get together at an appropriate size for your space. If your home can comfortably accommodate 15 guests, perhaps stick to under 20 for the guest list. You want your space to feel cozy, not completely packed. (2) Cozify your space. Can I make that a thing? Probably not, but I think you get the gist. Make your space feel like a cozy escape from the cold with lots of soft textures, winter candles – balsam, perhaps?, and a cozy as heck cocktail. In fact, might I suggest this cinnamon maple bourbon?
  2. Tell your guests what to expect. Well, don’t give away all the evening’s surprises, but let guests know what kind of get-together this is. I find that with summer events, it’s much easier to figure out what the dress code is. In summer, you’re probably going to a few BBQs or outdoor bridal showers, or something else where it’s pretty clear what you can expect. With indoor winter gatherings, it’s a little tougher. So, give your guests a heads up on what to expect!
  3. Bring the outdoors in. I find that in winter, I’m missing all the gorgeous nature outside. So, bring the outdoors in with fresh greens (even small succulents will do!) and perhaps a small floral arrangement or two. Also, if you’re hosting a fairly large group, crack a window in advance. Has anyone else attended a winter party where the heat was blasting, then everyone came in and the temperature skyrocketed to sauna status? Yeah, let’s avoid that at all costs.

Are you entertaining this winter? What are you favorite tips and tricks?

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