Life Edit: 04

By Gabriella Life Edit: 04

Well hey there, friends! It feels like it’s been forever.

And spotty, but that’s my fault. I haven’t written a life edit post since September.


A weekend in Charleston: Life edit, edition 04 |
A weekend in Charleston: Life edit, edition 04 |

Despite the fact that it’s been nearly four months since my last installment, I really love these posts. Primarily, because it’s a different type of writing for me. And, I feel like I get to let you in on all the fun things that have been happening lately.

And, oh boy, there have been LOTS since we’ve had ourselves a little chat. Let’s see – where to start?


We went to Charleston, South Carolina. Finally! I fell in love with pink doors (as if I wasn’t before..), the oyster + fried chicken combo, and well – everything else. In fact, I’ll be heading back to Charleston for a weekend in a few short weeks! Cue the cheers. Well, from me. Unless you’re going too, in which case – yay for you, too!

We ventured back up north to spend the holidays with our families in Massachusetts. Per our annual tradition, we also managed to set up a last-minute getaway between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We typically either go to New York or Portland, Maine – and this year we wanted to head back up to Portland. I know, I know. Even further north in some of the coldest temps of the year?

Yep. You bet.

So, we bundled up and made our way to one of our favorite cities. We even spent a very, very chilly morning at the Portland Head Light, where we got engaged last year!

We also ate, and ate, and ate. #sorrynotsorry. Although, I may be sorry, because getting back into kickboxing was SO. ROUGH.

Freelance Life

Freelance life is going so well. I picked up the best new client here in Atlanta and I’m positively smitten with them. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on my portrait photography and meet some kickass gals here in the A. Speaking of which, if  you’re local to ATL (or will be here in the near future) and want some updated headshots, let me know!

Style Me Pretty + Wedding Planning

It’s full-steam ahead with all things wedding – and with that, my content on Style Me Pretty! My second post on how we’re making our wedding unique is live, and a third post is coming your way soon.

A New Look

Now, how can I forget one of the best updates?! If you haven’t noticed, By Gabriella has a brand spankin’ new look! This site was long overdue for some love, and here it is – a new and improved By Gabriella, with even more coming your way soon!

Now, what’s been going on with you? I want to hear all about it! Tell me one thing you’ve loved so far about 2018 in the comments below.


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