Exploring Brooklyn, NY


January 19, 2017

Exploring Brooklyn, New York in the winter. Where to go, what to do, what to see, and more! | bygabriella.co

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  1. Jessica says:

    Brooklyn looks like such an amazing neighborhood! You took some great pictures x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    • gabriella says:

      Thank you so much, Jessica! It really is a darling borough. Already hoping to go back soon!


  2. Given we grew up as town neighbors, you know I also spent a lot of weekends in NYC. But can you believe that out of the hundreds of NYC visits I’ve never been to Brooklyn?!?! I’ve only ever explored Manhattan. Seriously need to fix this.

  3. I live in Brooklyn and you are featuring some pretty great spots! I STILL haven’t made it to the royal palms shuffleboard club, gotta do that soon.

    • gabriella says:

      Thanks so much, Justine! Royal Palms is THE best, you must go! 🙂


  4. natalie says:

    Love! Can you believe I’ve NEVER been to Brooklyn, even after all the times I visit NYC every year. MUST GO!

    • gabriella says:

      OH MY GOSH! You have to let me know next time you’re heading up there. It’s the best! xo

  5. Mackenzie says:

    Love your site! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I’m moving to the east coast soon and appreciate your tips on where to explore!!

    • gabriella says:

      Thanks so much, Mackenzie! ps. Saw you’re moving to Boston! That’s where I live 🙂