So You’re Maid of Honor: 01 The Bridal Shower

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June 30, 2015

Maid of Honor Duties | By Gabriella

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  1. Michele says:

    So just recently I have been asked to be maid of honor , I honestly always hoped one day I would be someone’s main girl. Well now I regret it. Lol. When I was asked I was shocked it was me only because we are friends not best of friends. She has a group of girls that have been around for years and I’m a newer friend. Not that it matters but I didn’t even expect to be part of the wedding party at all. Anyways that being said I did politely try to get out of it. I told her I’m honored but financially I just can’t take in that responsibility. I’m a stay at home new mom with a amazing husband just barely keeping us afloat. She told me to not worry about expenses at all, she just wants me to help and stand by her side. At that point I didn’t know how to say I don’t have the time either ( honestly I don’t at all) but I agreed. Fast forward a couple of months it’s time consuming and now she’s talking in casual talk about I’m trying to pick cheaper dresses for you guys to afford and looking for hair and makeup we can afford etc…… DUDE I didn’t sign up for this. My advice is unless it’s your sister or truly a life long BFF do not take on this financial and time burden. There is nothing fun about this. Oh yeah since I’m a good baker she wants me to bake wedding favors for 120 guests! I’m about done and the wedding isn’t till April 2016. Ahhhhhhh. Sorry had to vent. Xoxo.