Your New Favorite Planner for 2016: The Simplified Planner


September 18, 2015

Your New Favorite Planner: The Simplified Planner

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  1. Torrie says:

    I love my Simplified Planner too!! I have found lots of cool customizable stickers for it on Etsy!

    • gabriella says:

      It is the best! I bought one last year and knew it was meant to be. Sounds ridiculous, but I was so excited for this year’s edition to come out. ps – please do share those stickers! I didn’t even think to look for some on Etsy!


    • Katie chambers says:

      What kind of stickers do you like best for this planner?

  2. Ameroy says:

    What kind of pens are those? I used to have some & LOVED them but can’t remember what kind they were.